Sunday, June 3, 2012

Top 5 End of the World movies with tsunamis

End of the world movies deal with numerous world ending events. Tsunamis are the most frightening natural disaster because the massive waves can travel in excess of 1,000 mph and destroy everything in their path. Earthquakes, volcanoes, comets, asteroids, and meteors are capable of creating powerful tsunamis.

The top 5 end of the world movies with tsunamis deliver crashing waves. These tsunami spectacles are shocking displays of killer waves causing widespread destruction. Many dreamers experience tsunami dreams. They immediately connect their tsunami dream to predicting earthquakes and tsunamis.

The top 5 end of the world movies with tsunamis:
  1. Deep Impact (in our opinion, this is the best tsunami in movies)
  2. 2012 (several tsunamis - China, Washington D.C., Pacific Ocean, and India)
  3. Armageddon (Southeast Asia tsunami)
  4. The Day After Tomorrow (New York City tsunami)
  5. 2022 Tsunami (Thai movie)
Tsunami scenes involve special digital effects to recreate a tsunami. In 2004, the world witnessed the most powerful tsunami in world history - a wave that traveled 10,000 miles and killed over 200,000+ people. In the 5 movies above, the tsunamis wreak havoc.

We nominate Deep Impact as the best end of the world movie with a killer tsunami. A comet pummeled into Earth's atmosphere at 28,000 MPH, and then smashed into the mid-Atlantic Ocean with a force of a thousand nuclear missiles. The deep impact created massive tsunamis projecting into three directions - Eastern United States, Western Africa and northernmost U.K. region.

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Friday, May 18, 2012

The End of the World movie release date

The star studded The End of the World movie is due to be released on April 26, 2012. Rihanna, Jonah Hill, James Franco, Emma Watson, Jason Segel, Seth Rogen, and Danny McBride head the cast of young performers leading the apocalyptic movie to the end. End of the world movies are finally beginning to catch fire in 2012 and 2013.

The action sub-genre usually involves virus, Aliens, zombies, comets, climate control, and earthquakes. The End of the World movie is thus an excellent movie premise similar to the upcoming Seeking a Friend for the End of the World.

Seth Rogen is co-directing The End of the World movie. This end of the world movie is an action comedy with several talented actors and actresses known as established entertainers.

Seth Rogen is no stranger to Hollywood, as his previous work includes Knocked Up, The Green Hornet, Paul, The 40 Year Old Virgin, and many other movies. James Franco's latest 127 hours and MILK roles won his acclaim for his acting range. Jonah Hill delivered a memorable perform in Moneyball and 21 Jump Street.

Expect The End of the World movie to finish number #1 at the movie box office next year. Action comedies with end of the world implications are beginning to hit the movie scene again.

Steve Carell's Seeking a friend for the End of the World is due out June 22, 2012. The two end of the world movies deliver laughs which juxtapose Armageddon and Deep Impact. Get ready for the end of the world in a new light.

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Monday, March 26, 2012

Classic end of the world movie: The World, the Flesh, and the Devil

Classic end of the world movies are popular among older moviegoers. The War of the Worlds, Invisible Invaders, The Day the Earth Stood Still and several other classic end of the world movies touch upon the world ending. One classic end of the world movie is rather interesting. The World, the Flesh, and the Devil (1959) is a movie about the end of the world that results from a nuclear holocaust.

In the 1959 end of the world movie The World, the Flesh, and the Devil, Harry Belafonte, Inger Stevens, and Mel Ferrer represent the last three people surviving a post-apocalyptic world. Ralph Button (Harry Belafonte) is trapped inside a mine for several days. A rescue crew attempt to retrieve Ralph, but the search ceases without any warning.

Ralph is forced to dig his way out of the hole. He finds a deserted world after a nuclear holocaust destroyed everything in sight. Venturing off to New York City to find life, Ralph manages to come across a woman Sarah Crandall (Inger Stevens) who also survived the nuclear holocaust. Another male survivor, Benson Thacker (Mel Ferrer) joins Ralph and Sarah.

Ralph, a black man, and Benson, a white guy, fight between their racial differences. Conflict in an end of the world environment is expected. However, racism represented a major social struggle in the time this end of the world film released into movie theaters back in 1959. End of the world movies deal mostly with survival and rebuilding.

The World, the Flesh, and the Devil is an excellent classic end of the world movie. You can purchase the movie below to watch a movie in the same category as I Am Legend. Have fun watching the end of the world as we know it.       

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Two 90's Hollywood Comet blockbuster movies released into movie theaters

In the past 14 years, Hollywood overlooked the comet and asteroid end of the world genre that is highly popular among moviegoers. There is something about comet movies that captures the allure of the moviegoing public. We figure that moviegoers enjoy watching end of the world movies involving comets and asteroids projecting toward Earth to end life.

Two 90's Hollywood comet blockbuster released into movie theaters in 1998. Deep Impact and Armageddon hit the box office scene, making a huge impact in the box office. Deep Impact generated nearly $142 million in domestic ticket sales while Armageddon delivered the highest grossing box office performance in 1998.

Moviegoers have waited patiently to watch another good comet movie. Good comet movies can make a bundle, especially with end of the world Mayan Calendar and galactic alignment discussions crowding 2012. We have yet to experience a major natural disaster. Zombie movies entertain our fears of a lethal virus transforming the living into the walking dead.

Moviegoers enjoy watching comet movies since filmmakers humanize characters. We can identify with the movie characters because our actions may resemble theirs. This is why moviegoers find end of the world movies with comets and asteroids entertaining and sometimes emotionally charged.

The last two Hollywood blockbusters dealing with a comet and asteroid were released in movie theaters in 1998. Deep Impact is about a comet heading toward Earth. A space team is assembled to save the world, though the outcome is unexpected. We see an ensemble cast of major actors playing roles that depict how people will react when the world is on the brink of annihilation.

In the Armageddon movie, a team of oil drillers are recruited to save the world. The world endures two asteroid collisions, with one hitting Southeast Asia to cause a major tsunami and another slamming in the dead center of Paris to create a nuclear-type explosion. Both asteroid impacts deliver adverse results.

How will you respond to the end of the world? Will you forgive a friend? Talk with lost family members? Find religion? Get saved? Gain the courage to ask out your dream person? Comet and asteroid movies are entertaining and emotional concepts because people must make a decision to change.

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Monday, February 6, 2012

Deep Impact movie review

Mimi Leder's Deep Impact movie hit movie theaters in 1998. The comet movie opened up with $41 million in box office ticket sales to compliment the high demand for good end of the world movies associated with comets and asteroids. Deep Impact reveals a doomsday scenario involving a large comet on pace to collide with Earth. The end of the world movie chronicles the human reaction to a possible end of the world extinction level event. What would you do if told the world would end?

Deep Impact opens with a high school Astronomy club viewing the stars. Leo Biederman (played by Elijah Wood) discovers a displaced stars in the night sky. He alerts his teacher Mike Perry (Mike O'Malley) of the discovery. Mike instructs Leo to snapshot the unknown object so that Dr. Wolf (Charles Martin Smith) can review the images. We sense this discovery is something related to a comet. 

Dr. Wolf inserts the disk the Astronomy club sends to him. While eating a slice of pizza, he  inputs a few projections to examine the unknown star. Out of nowhere, Dr. Wolf make a stark discovery that this unknown stars is a comet with a trajectory to collide with Earth. He uploads the content, and then races to alert the world. However, he dies in a car accident. 

A news anchor Jenni Learner (Tea Leoni) investigates the Secretary of Treasury Alan Rittenhouse's (James Cromwell) premature resignation. There is confusion between Jenni and former Secretary Rittenhouse. It is obvious Rittenhouse assumes Jenni is aware of E.L.E. (Extinction Level Event). He refers to the news as the bigger story in history. 

While Jenni dictates notes on the Rittenhouse interview, secret service personnel slam into her vehicle. She is then escorted to a private location to meet with the President Beck (Morgan Freeman). Whereas Jenni is confused to the truth about E.L.E., President Beck gives Jenni a presidential favor to ask the first question at a Whitehouse news conference. For the most part, we discover that Deep Impact is a serious movie detailing the end of the world comet collision through the eye of the United States.    

We begin to realize that Deep Impact is a brilliant collage of stunning visuals and excellent storytelling. The ultra Deep Impact movie delivers an ensemble cast of top Hollywood performers to convey the end of the world. The comet movie is super energizing, portraying how humans behave prior to the doomsday comet impact. Will you reunite with a loved one? Reconnect with old friends? Find religion? Get saved? How will you respond to the end of the world?   

A space shuttle Messiah is sent into space in an attempt to destroy the large comet. A small percentage of people are selected to reside in a tavern designed to ensure that the future of humanity lives on. People loot stores, sell equipment at high prices to profit, and millions of Americans flee to escape the expected tsunami projected to smother the East Coast, Western Africa, and the U.K.   

The all-star Deep Impact cast of Robert Duvall, Ron Eldard, Jon Favreau, Mary McCormack, Leelee Sobieski, Kurtwood Smith, Morgan Freeman, Elijah Wood, and Tea Leoni make this movie an entertaining end of the world portrayal. We watch how humanizing the characters will develop a connection with the moviegoer to show compassion. As soon as you watch the Deep Impact movie, you will find that reliving the end of the world comet doomsday event over and over again becomes rather entertaining. Enjoy the Deep Impact comet movie on a Friday movie night. 

Thursday, January 12, 2012

End of the World Movies 90's: What end of the world movies are from the 90's?

End of the world movies are popular among moviegoers. Hollywood prematurely released good end of the world movies a few years prior to 2012. The 2012 movie would have performed much better in May 2012 rather than a few years ago. End of the world websites, books, and television shows are in demand. Did you know that Hollywood released good end of the world movies in the 90's. What end of the world movies are from the 90's.

The 90's explored many unique concepts. We remember watching Speed, Lion King, Forrest Gump, The Sixth Sense, Outbreak, and many other entertaining movies. The 90's released several end of the world movies with possible scenarios. Thus, the end of the world movies are probable events.

The end of the world movie list for the 90's is shown below. Watch a good end of the world movie on Friday the 13th, 2012. Enjoy watching end of the world movies in the 90's.
  •  Terminator 2 (nuclear holocaust prediction)
  •  12 Monkeys (virus end of the world movie)
  •  Deep Impact (comet end of the world scenario)
  •  Armageddon (asteroid end of the world event)
  •  The Stand (1994) (infection)
  •  Independence Day (Super Alien Invasion)
  •  End of Days (The Devil in flesh comes to create a devil son to end the world)
  •  Last Night (1998) (Six hours to the end of the world)
  •  Crimson Tides (possible nuclear end of the world scenario from a submarine)
  •  The X-Files (1998) (Alien coverup and possible bee/biological attack to end the world) 
    End of the World Movies will compile another end of the world movies list to span the previous four decades. Enjoy watching the end of the world conveyed through Hollywood. Purchase end of the world movies on this website. Visit the home page.

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    Tuesday, December 6, 2011

    Kepler-22b planet discovered outside of the solar system

    image credit:
    NASA discovered Kepler-22b, an Earth-like planet located on the edge of the solar system. This planet resembles Earth in many ways, even containing water and clouds. Is the discovery of the new planet a potential sign of a relocation in case the Earth experiences Ozone problems?

    There are no immediate plans to visit Kepler-22b. With our technology, NASA must travel 600 light years to reach the planet. Therefore, we would need Star Trek technology to reach the planet. According to Flock (2011), a light year is equivalent to 6 trillion miles. Do the math; you'll figure out that Kepler-22b is unreachable.

    Hence, our technology is incapable of making the space travel in this lifetime. We simple don't have enough fuel to reach 1 light year away rather than 600 light years. Kepler-22b is a great space discovery, showing that life beyond our existence is possible. Until the time arrives to relocate, we can celebrate a new planet discovery as a significant feat.

    Check out the article and view the image of the new Kepler-22b planet: